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Are we nomads?

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Published on 14.10.2014

For a long time now it has been commonly accepted that the nation-state is in crisis. The barriers remain, as does the movement, which has always existed. Today, movement (physical, cultural and cognitive) is more real than ever and the barriers are symbols. Both physical transfers and transmissions of messages have become easier and faster…. Read more

I am, I like

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Published on 3.10.2014

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at a bar in my neighbourhood just passing away the time. It was one of those days when everything seems unclear: what am I supposed to do and where to begin? So I thought that the most sane thing to do was doing nothing at all. Then… Read more

Does the consumer really know what he wants?

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Published on 27.9.2014

This week we will talk about the consumer and his role in the production process. Perhaps as consumers we are becoming excessively aware of what we want and, frequently, products are made exactly like we expect them to be. What happened to surprise, discovery and hunting for something? Before our role as consumers, we are… Read more

How can we define our age?

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Published on 21.9.2014

Today concepts like “epoch” and “zeitgeist” seem to have become totally obsolete. The reason for this could be that we are not interested in those concepts anymore, but we remain unable to think about reality in a new way.

Where does production begin and where does it end?

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Published on 23.8.2014

Each historical moment has its own words, concepts, structures, and I wonder whether it is relevant today to speak of Made in Italy and the physical outsourcing of production as we have always done. Although the concept of Italian attitude is used and abused like never before and is a hot topic for those who… Read more