Lutheran Schools Sa Enterprise Agreement

(b) “Days on which schools are closed on the instruction of the school but without a school finance officer” means a person employed in a school solely for the purpose of performing the financial function and who is covered by this Agreement. Some schools may have called this role thrifty. For the avoidance of doubt, the title of the Administrator is not mentioned in this Agreement other than in the definition of the Business Manager above. A serious question mark is the future of workers` employment in Queensland`s Lutheran schools, as their employer still intends to push through a plan of cuts, controls and restrictions on existing working conditions. Teachers and facilitators working in Queensland`s Lutheran schools are facing the biggest attack on workers` rights in their sector. LEQ should return to the bargaining table to work with workers and our union to develop a collective agreement that recognizes the hard work and commitment of Queensland Lutheran School staff with contemporary working conditions. LEQ`s shameful plan was very clear when the employer ended collective bargaining in early June 2020 to adopt its sub-state agreement for workers. LEQ`s approach to reducing, controlling and limiting current conditions is an affront to Queensland`s Lutheran teachers and principals who have shown the utmost commitment and professionalism in the final months of the Covid-19 crisis. July 30, 2020 IEU and employer teams gathered on Tuesday for a full-day training on the principles of “interest-based bargaining.” This is the new approach that EUI members have supported in developing our list of topics to come to the table.

The first true. Some of the reductions THAT LEQ wants to make to its staffing conditions: Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) should end the proposed reductions to current working conditions that protect employees` occupational safety and ensure workplace safety networks. In solidarity with the Independent Education Union Qld – NT Branch, please sign your petition on the megaphone – anyone in Australia can sign. Author – Christine Cooper, Assistant Federal Secretary, Independent Education Union of Australia Petition Reason We call on the House of Representatives to launch an inquiry into First Nations women in custody. . LSA stands for the Association of Lutheran Schools of SA, NT & WA Inc. (c) is accepted as such by the community in which he lives or has lived… The Fair Work Act refers to the Fair Work (Commonwealth) Act 2009, as amended. Annexure K – Motor Drivers etc Award – Southern Queensland Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) is a teacher who has been certified as such according to the requirements of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. PART 1 – APPLICATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE AGREEMENT (e) the days on which the employee is granted leave with pay, including long periods of service, thereafter; Social workers, counsellors (non-teachers), speech-language pathologists, psychologists, non-quarterly weeks refer to the weeks of the school year, with the exception of semester weeks, and include periods intended for school holidays for students.

Annexes E – L of the Proposed Replacement Agreement 2016 Company Agreement Continuous service means continuous service under a contract of employment and includes paid leave taken in accordance with the legislation or this Agreement and section 22 of the Fair Work Act 2009. Queensland Lutheran Schools Single Enterprise Agreement 2016 Business Manager (formerly known as Bursar) refers to a person who holds the highest administrative or managerial position and who may have delegated the school`s authority to hire and dismiss staff. Directors and such persons are not covered by this Agreement (see clause 5.1(c)). For the avoidance of doubt, the title of the administrator is mentioned in this agreement only in the definition of the financial officer below. . Director refers to a person appointed to administer an independent kindergarten affiliated with the DECD. Employees who enroll in the residential school supervisor stream will follow Boarding House; ground staff, maintenance staff, canteen staff, cleaners, guards, hand luggage; Special Education Assistants, Adaptive Education Assistants, (a) Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander; and people, bus drivers, vendors, lifeguards, kitchen workers, launderers The start date refers to the date an employee begins serving at the school and has the same meaning as the date of service. Executive Director means CEO of the LSA, otherwise the meaning must be determined from the context in which the word appears. The Royal Commission has been doing this for almost 30 years.

The LEQ plan will in no way be a privileged employer in the non-governmental sector of education. – CUTS in key measures to protect jobs, ensure procedural justice and natural justice for all workers No progress on the gender pay gap Friday, August 28, 2020 is Equal Pay Day. This date illustrates the additional 59 days from the end of the previous fiscal year when women must work to earn the same amount as men. – CUTS in the protection of teaching hours for certain teachers IEU takes action in relation to the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Southern Australia (SA) Act TRB Assistant Secretary, Louise Firrell and Secretary Glen Seidel met with Hon. Proficient Teacher (PT) means a teacher who demonstrates the requirements for full enrolment by demonstrating the achievement of the seven standards at the competent teacher level, as set out in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Appendix J – Prices for Construction Products, Manufacturing and Minor Maintenance – State Non-Contact Time refers to the time given to teachers during which teachers do not teach or need to interact with students. Contactless time can be used by teachers for any purpose at their own discretion, with the general hope that teachers will use the time for professional work. Principal means a person appointed by the school to administer the school (with the exception of a nursery school) or a teacher who acts in that capacity during the principal`s absence. School(s) means the school(s) and kindergarten(s) covered by this Agreement (see Clause 5), including independent kindergartens affiliated with the DECD, and the School(s) also means, where the context so requires, the Employer covered by this Agreement Contact Time means the same as the Student`s Contact Time defined below.

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