Lutheran Schools Sa Enterprise Agreement

A serious question mark is the future of employment for workers in Queensland`s Lutheran schools, as their employer still intends to impose a plan of reductions, controls and restrictions on existing working conditions. Teachers and facilitators working in Queensland`s Lutheran schools are facing the biggest attack on labour rights in their sector. LEQ should return to the bargaining table to work with employees and our union to develop a collective agreement recognizing the hard work and commitment of Queensland Lutheran School staff with contemporary working conditions. LEQ`s shameful plan was very clear when the employer ended collective bargaining in early June 2020 to pass its substandal agreement for workers. LEQ`s approach to reducing, controlling and limiting current conditions is an affront to Queensland`s Lutheran teachers and school leaders, who have demonstrated the utmost commitment and professionalism in the final months of the Covid-19 crisis. July 30, 2020 THE IEU and the employers` teams met on Tuesday for a full-day training on the principles of “interest-based bargaining.” This is the new approach that IUE members have supported in developing our list of upcoming topics at the table. The first real… Some of the cuts that LEQ intends to make to its staff conditions: Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) should end the proposed reductions in current working conditions, which protect employees` job security and ensure workplace safety networks. In solidarity with the Independent Education Union Qld – NT Branch, please sign your megaphone petition – anyone in Australia can sign. Author – Christine Cooper, Deputy Federal Secretary, Independent Education Union of Australia Petition Reason We are calling on the House of Representatives to open an inquiry into First Nation women in Custody.

The Royal Commission has been doing almost 30 years… The LEQ plan will be far from an employer of choice in the non-governmental education sector. – CUTS on key employment protection measures, ensuring procedural fairness and natural justice for all workers No progress on the gender pay gap Friday, August 28, 2020 is Equal Pay Day. This date illustrates the additional 59 days from the end of the previous fiscal year, that women must work to earn the same amount as men earn… – CUTS to Teacher Hours of Duty protections for some teachers IEU takes action regarding the TRB Law on the Legislative Council of the Southern Parliament Australia IEU (SA) Assistant Secretary, Louise Firrell , and Secretary Glen Seidel met with Hon.