Tesla Loaner Wheel Agreement

What if your Tesla has a flat tire? If you get a random flat tire while driving your Tesla, there are several ways to deal with a damaged tire. First, you can call troubleshooting. They are available 24 hours a day and can help you in the blink of an eye. You can also call a rental service or tow to the nearest Tesla service center. If none of these options appeals to you, there is a tire repair kit that you can buy via Tesla for all the quick solutions you think you can do yourself. If you find that the puncture in your tire is larger than .24in in diameter or you will find several insingence holes in your tire, do not drive on the tire. Instead, you should either call Tesla Roadside Assistance or request a bike rental service. The next option you might consider would be to contact a rental service or towing company. It should be noted that this service is only available in certain regions. It should always be free in the warranty, a guy on t m c had a bad wheel and it took like 3 times in a month before replacing his original. If you`re watching multiple posts on the official Tesla forum, the “Leihrad” service is not available in all markets, so you should call your local Tesla service center to find out if your area is covered by the program.

An article shared by My Tesla Adventure (@myteslaadventure) on May 19, 2020 at 10:41 a.m. PDT In some markets, including the Los Angeles area, Tesla has entered into a contract with trained towing suppliers who carry a limited number of bikes to quickly trade for the damaged wheel in order to continue their journey. If the leihrad is not available at that time, your Tesla will be transported free of charge to the nearest Tesla service center, your home or a third-party repairer. From this point on, it is in your hands to maintain or replace the damaged tire. Note that damage to wheels and tires is not covered by the restricted warranty for new or pre-devant vehicles. I went to the Tesla service center, where they took over the bike lender, and for $50, they installed my Michelin spare tire. They also called TIRE RACK and confirmed that my tire could not be repaired. In fact, I was told at the Tesla Service Center that when the “Leihrad” program was launched, the wait times were 2 to 3 hours of battery life, which has irritated some Tesla owners, but lately, the wait time was less than an hour and comparable to the wait for the use of the AAA road service. The convenience store told me that it also used Mercedes, Lexus and other luxury cars, but Tesla was the only one to provide the rental bikes. Because they don`t have wheels everywhere. The 1 ti I needed I was 70 miles from the nearest service center on a great vacation, but they always sent a local garage guy to change my bike.

He said Tesla gave them a bunch, it was an old Split 5 talking 19, but it was there in 15 minutes and we were on the fast way. Super program I have similar experiences with psi/flat tires. It turns out that in one case it was a nail, the other was a key (yes, strategically placed to create a puncture). The Tesla service was outstanding. They delivered and deposited a loan tire on my MS the next day to replace in one case and repair on another occasion, my tire. Kudos to Josh in the Nor Cal Bay area. He is very professional, efficient and I felt comfortable in both cases. Go Tesla! In the end, all my experience with a flat tire was the best I`ve ever had to drive in probably 40 years and more.

Between the Tesla “Radleiher” and the TIRE RACK “Road Hazard Protection”, I had devoted only about 2 hours of my life to this subject and no money at all. This is not a bad deal. Now that the tire has been repaired, you will gently lower your car and continue to remove the clerit. If you are put, remove the blocks from your wheels, and you will be set to drive.