It’s 2014 and Pespow ltd. has existed so far for more than 30 years. We have undergone massive changes in the way we work and, even when unwilling, we’ve had to adapt. What is valuable in our services is becoming either ethereal or very difficult to control and everyday we acknowledge our constant effort to hold on the know-how that made our work stand out in time. This initiative was born with the aim to provide an unconventional answer to questions that we believe are not approachable through the standard language we use for dealing our businesses.

The limits of your language are the limits of your world. The limits of your world are the limits of your language reflects on the boundaries of our craft and our thought with aims to challenge the disorientation of those who deal daily with the complex context of global production.

It is an open competition for a residency period in our productive settlements, open to everyone who whish to try and indulge in a reflection on our dilemmas.

During the time span in which the submission for the competition remains open, we will encourage thoughts and intervention from the public and from who wants to share a point of view on the topics we are approaching. We will also collect several contributions and opinions from authors who are dealing with these topics in their professional experience.

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