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What is left of professions? What is left of the product?

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Published on 6.10.2014

“And, culturally speaking, it seemed there was a market place embracing the experiments of young thinkers and makers who, simply, couldn’t wait until their 40s to become independent and do their own thing. At this point, being an amateur was not an impediment to setting forth and practising what you were never trained to do…. Read more

Is technology effective in managing complexity?

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Published on 10.9.2014

While writing an introductory post for this week’s theme, I quickly realised I would have done nothing more but borrow words from my references. For this reason, I decided to publish here few short excerpts from the most inspiring sources I could find on the subject. I believe reading this altogether constitutes a quick but… Read more

Is luxury (just) another form of resistance?

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Published on 30.8.2014

It took time for me to get acquainted with the concept of luxury products and brands. Since the insurgence of global–scale consumerism, the acquisition of luxury products has radically changed scale and the consequences have sometimes undermined the meaning of the product itself. ‘Experience’ and ‘status’ have risen in the agenda of global luxury brands,… Read more

Which production model are we moving towards?

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Published on 12.8.2014

The intuitions of Henry Ford came in a crucial period which marked the shift between craft and mass production. Though Ford’s greatest achievement was probably introducing deep changes in the social landscape of his time: from one hand creating large demand for affordable, identical commodities and from the other hand imposing a philosophy that not… Read more