Translate Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

This agreement is between you (hereafter “you” and Speakt Ltd (hereafter referred to as “Speakt” or “We” or “We”). Speakt is committed to doing jobs for third parties (“customers”) and offers a service that connects independent translators (as you can) to clients who wish to have their content and material translated into certain languages (hereafter referred to as “service”). “You” or “partner”: all individuals and corporations who work with Speakt, as subcontractors with Speakt, that is, as external collaborators – independent contractors. By using the service, you accept this translator agreement, the confidentiality and non-competition agreement that is included. Speakt`s terms and conditions of use and privacy policy also apply mutatis mutandis. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you cannot use the service and you cannot contact any actual or potential Speakt customer (“Customer”). You declare that you are 18 years old or that you are the age of majority in your home or jurisdiction, depending on the time. This translation agreement (the “agreement”), which takes effect on the day of electronic adoption (“effective date”), is concluded by and between Speakt (“Speakt”) and the translator (“you” (hereafter referred to as “party” or collectively called “parties”). In view of the agreements and conditions set out in the agreements, the parties hereafter agree that the translator`s remuneration (hereafter referred to as “salary”) results from the multiplication of the overall words of the mission, i.e. the work to be translated by the price of each word, as defined and defined in the scoreboard of the translation act, by combination of language. , plus, if any, V.A.T. Price per word is defined by specact. The calculation of words is done by Speakt software services and cannot be disputed or disputed by you.

This amount includes all statutory allowances, deductions and expenses. Speakt has the only right to be readjusted.