Shared Driveway Agreement Uk

If the problem is actually parking somewhere, it may be possible to pave over a part of the back garden to provide parking and a turn area. This means that the access itself is not used as a parking lot. Thank you for all your answers. We are still seriously interested in property and I guess the lawyers will determine what is allowed or not in terms of parking? In addition to two/three parking spaces per house, there are also a few parking spaces on the street, so I hope it shouldn`t be a problem. The only small concern is that next door there is a five-bedroom house and only two pitches, right in front of each garage door (double garage). If they parked another car just behind one of these cars without blocking any access, it would be right outside our lounge window. I would also be interesting to hear someone have mantaince experience and improve a common engine. Thank you again! Don`t do that. We had a house at the end of a common access and our neighbours were constantly using it to park and blocking our access.

Things got really upset when my son was sick and fit because of the high temperature. We had to take it to A-E, it was about 11pm and the Gobshites car once again blocked the driveway, so DH drove our car over his garden and turned into his flowerbeds to pass… Even if they never blocked the road again. If several parties need an agreement on the right of priority, for example. B in a subdivision, your rights and obligations can be settled by one without access. An access area provides each owner with a portion of the access. This is recorded on your title, as well as your rights and obligations with respect to the access ticket. This way, your neighbour can park next to his house without any problems, apart from the sidewalk. If both gardens were paved, it would be ideal, as both owners can park on their own land and access is empty. We took a trip together. I hated it so much that when we moved, we decided not to buy our dream home, which ticked off every box, because it had common access again and we had never said before. Our neighbors were assholes, they used the common access room as a parking lot for their visitors or for the 2 of their 4 cars that didn`t fit into their own rooms.

We had to knock and ask them to move so we could go up and down at least 3 times a week and we often say, “I`m going to move in a few minutes when I`m done with my tea” or “he`s just in the shower, I`m going to make him move when he`s out.” Never again. We moved recently, and it was an emphatic “no” if there was a common reader. Before the mid-1930s, many lots were built in semi-detached houses, with common accesses that led to garages at the back of their respective properties. Ownership of a car was low, with the car per household no more than 1. Over the years, car ownership per household has increased and the size of cars has increased.