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In the streets of clever bots

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Published on 12.9.2014

“I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’” Because “thinking” is difficult to define […] “Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the imitation game?”—Alan Turing, Computing Machinery and Intelligence. “Our bodies are hardware, our behaviour software.”—Ted Nelson   In 2010 the robot Suzette, by Bruce Wilcox, succeeded for the first… Read more

Is technology effective in managing complexity?

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Published on 10.9.2014

While writing an introductory post for this week’s theme, I quickly realised I would have done nothing more but borrow words from my references. For this reason, I decided to publish here few short excerpts from the most inspiring sources I could find on the subject. I believe reading this altogether constitutes a quick but… Read more

Golden Sushi

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Published on 2.9.2014

When I met Kottwitz for the first time, I did not have the faintest clue of who it was I had in front of me. In those days I was helplessly strapped onto the seat of a roller-coaster, zooming past the world at full speed, dashing through loops of matter and money. I was a… Read more

Is luxury (just) another form of resistance?

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Published on 30.8.2014

It took time for me to get acquainted with the concept of luxury products and brands. Since the insurgence of global–scale consumerism, the acquisition of luxury products has radically changed scale and the consequences have sometimes undermined the meaning of the product itself. ‘Experience’ and ‘status’ have risen in the agenda of global luxury brands,… Read more

Multi-localization, prosumers and the destiny of making

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Published on 24.8.2014

For a couple years the theme of ‘making’ has inspired public debate around the collective idea of a radical transformation of contemporary capitalism. The speculative transformation may be capable of changing the unfair global production landscape and bringing about a new system in which auto-production and free exchange of ideas and artifacts finally triumph. This… Read more

Where does production begin and where does it end?

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Published on 23.8.2014

Each historical moment has its own words, concepts, structures, and I wonder whether it is relevant today to speak of Made in Italy and the physical outsourcing of production as we have always done. Although the concept of Italian attitude is used and abused like never before and is a hot topic for those who… Read more

Serendipity: Creative Process between Accident and Sagacity

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Published on 26.7.2014

The notion of serendipity is quickly becoming an important reference for the creative industries as well as for our innovation-obsessed economy in general. This is remarkable as it was originally conceived in the middle of the 18th century within literary circles where it led its marginal existence until very recently. The term ‘serendipity’ was coined… Read more