Building Inspection Agreement

13. We do not check or verify the operation or condition of appliances and devices, including ovens, ovens, dishwashers, heating systems, hot water systems, solar installations, fireplaces, chimneys or other electrical, mechanical or sanitary appliances that may be present. We advise you to demonstrate this during your inspections. NOTE: If you have specific wishes or changes to agreements that were not discussed at the time of booking or are not included in the written correspondence, please inform our office immediately. 7. The written report to be drawn up by the inspector is considered to be the final exclusive findings of the structural inspector. The client understands and accepts that he will not rely on the inspector`s oral statements until the written report is published. The client understands and accepts that the inspector reserves the right to modify the inspection report for a period of no more than five business days after the first delivery of the inspection report to the client. Areas where the inspector will be denied appropriate access or where appropriate access is not possible are excluded from the inspection and are not part of the inspection. Access restrictions may include a legal entry fee, closed doors, a security system, pets, furniture or other obstacles. Physical access restrictions may include altitude, narrow border, thick vegetation, small roof or excavation space, and adverse weather conditions.

The report indicates any surface or object in the control that has not been checked, as well as the factor that prevented the inspection. 2. The client guarantees: a) he has read carefully the following agreement, (b) he understands that he is bound by all the terms of this contract and (c) he read the entire inspection report when he is received and will immediately call the inspector with questions he may have. 8. The client understands and accepts that all claims arising from an act or omission of the inspector in the course of the inspection of the housing structure are written and notified to the inspector within 10 working days of the discovery. The client also agrees to allow the inspector to re-examine the claimed discrepancy, with the exception of emergency conditions, in front of the client`s staff or the customer`s representative or repairs to the independent contractor, to replace, modify or modify the claimed discrepancy. The client understands and accepts that anyone who has not responded to the inspector`s opinion as noted above constitutes a waiver of all claims that the client may have against the ASBESTOS inspector: no inspection or asbestos testing has been carried out and no report on the presence or absence of asbestos is presented.